Our Team

Our Team

Educators value each child’s individualism by following their interests to develop appropriate open ended activities and experiences, which are stimulating, nurturing and presented irresitibly.

Leah – Our Director and Kindergarten Teacher
Waa and Bunjil Group

My name is Leah and I am the  4 year old Kindergarten teacher and Kindergarten Dirctor. Before joining the wonderful team at St. John’s I was the 4 year old teacher/director at Deepdene pre-school and also at Wattletree early childhood centre. I have a focus on social justice in early childhood education, and also enjoy  establishing positive and reciprocal relationships within kindergarten communities. I am new to teaching in the Croydon area and I am looking forward to getting to know the children and families at St. John’s. When I am not teaching I am either riding my bike, playing wheelchair basketball, taking photographs, growing vegetables, or listening to my extensive vinyl collection.


Belinda – Kindergarten Assistant
Waa, Bunjil and Dantum Group

30 years ago I started working with children and I still love what I do, being involved in children’s development and seeing them grow….what more could you ask for?! Moving ahead with them both mentally and physically is always exciting, and I hope to do this for many years to come. Personal interests include Bushwalking, Photography, Gardening and training my two Australian Cattle Dogs, Dargo and Shackleton to do Agility…. or what children might call Trick dogs. (This was a comment heard from a child while competing at the Royal Melbourne Show.) We travel across the state to compete and have a ball in the process.

Katrina – Kindergarten Teacher
Waa and Bunjil Group

My name is Katrina and I am the co-teacher for Waa and Bunjil group on Monday and Friday. I started my journey into Early Childhood by completing my Diploma of Community Services (Children’s Services) at Swinburne TAFE Croydon. I then completed my Batchelor of Early Childhood Education at Charles Sturt University in Albury, NSW with the intentions of working as a teacher at a Primary School. It was not until my final placement in a kindergarten that I discovered my passion was to teach the early years all along! I initially came to St. John’s Kindergarten as the additional assistant for the pre-kinder program in 2012 as my maternity leave from my previous job was finishing. With our pre-kinder teacher leaving in the middle of the year, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to step up into the teaching role. In 2013 I changed positions and helped co-teach the Kindergarten program part time which I have been doing ever since. At home I have two young children, Jack and Sarah who keep me on my toes during the rest of the week!

Marnie – Pre Kindergarten Teacher
Dantum Group

Davina – Kindergarten Assistant
Waa and Bunjil Group

I have been working in the Kindergarten / Childcare sector for many, many years!
I absolutely love working with preschool children, building realtionships with both the families and children, adoring their company and watching the children flourish and reach their full potential during these years.
I enjoy sharing their special moments at Kinder while helping them feel safe and secure, as they explore and learn all the wonderful things there are about being 3 and 4 year old kids.
When I am not working I like socialising with my friends and family, my husband Michael and our two children Jack and Karla.
I would like to thank the staff and parents of St. John’s Kindergarten for making me feel so welcome and part of a team but really I am the lucky one as your children are amazing and always give me a special smile.